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"Foster Owens Jr. aka. "Grimmshi" (born July 17th, 1996) is an
American musician,producer,filmmaker,artist and actor hailing from the
city of Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania.Since 2012 he has produced numerous
projects such as self produced albums and eps. To fund his own
projects he has also sought  freelance work shooting music videos,and
photoshoots for various clients. As a self taught musician he focused
solely on music of the Hip-hop genre after being inspired by fellow
musician Marcus Hopsin. However he also began to branch off into other
genres under his actual name "Foster Owens Jr" years later.

In 2017 Owens graduated with an associates degree in specialized
business at the age of 21. He studied film/art at Douglas Education
Center where he received instruction from Robert Tinnell. Owens
graduated from the first class herald under the late George A. Romero
who is known for revolutionizing the zombie film genre. He then went
on to be a part of several feature length film productions.

In the summer of 2019 Owens went on to release his first solo HipHop
album titled "I R LEGEND" which was the beginning of his inclining
career as a professional musician.

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Foster Owens / Foster owens Jr.

aka Grimmshi

Grimmshi bio

Photography by: Sarina L Damiano

Grimmshi biography 

Foster owens biography

Foster Owens jr biography

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