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The “Gimmie Those Beats” Rap competition begins on the first (1st) of every month and ends on the 28th of the month  (12:00 am at UTC−05:00.) Eligible participants may enter the contest by following these instructions:


1. Select at least one beat per month from our selection, purchase and download the beat.
2. Record a video  of yourself performing with the beat you selected (16 bars minimum)
3. Upload your video to Youtube then "SUBMIT" your link via the Comment box on our site
4. Make sure to promote your video to get the most votes/views possible!

5. The winner will be selected at the end of every month and notified

(The submission page will be reset at the end of every month.)


What is the cost to enter the competition?

Every month the beats will cost only $12.00!

How many times can I enter the competition?

You can enter once [1] a month  per beat you purchase 

Can I use more than one of the contest beats?

Yes, you can use all of the current months beats as you'd like

How long should my entry be?

Submissions should be no less than a full 16 bars [1 full verse]

Can we enter the contest as a group?

Yes, but if you enter as a group, then you may not submit a second solo entry.

Can I just submit the song without the video?

No, you must submit an actual video  in order to be considered a winner

Is it necessary to have a music video?

No, you can use what ever video source you have available, we just need to be able to see that it is you performing your song.

Can I still buy beats from previous months?

Yes, you can buy any beat from any month as long as it is still available. However, you can not use beats from previous months to enter a current competition.  

Can I alter the beat?

No, anyone caught altering the beat will be disqualified.

Why do the older beats cost more?

Just like you our team has to make a living. It is very time consuming to create beats every month, then watch & judge all the videos. We just want to make sure that our people get compensated fairly. Especially without you having to pay an arm and a leg for the competition initially. 


How does voting work?

After you upload your video to Youtube, Copy and paste your link to the comment section of the Submission page! All submissions will be considered ,regardless of how many  thumbs up. Providing you have followed all instructions.

Our process of selection is not based solely upon popularity because this would be unfair to new participants. Although more thumbs up may help narrow down the winner in the case of  being unable to decide.

How is the winner chosen?

After you have turned in your submission our team will view all submissions then rank the winner based upon the following qualifications (In order of importance)

1. Rhyme Scheme / Bars / Flow

2. Content

3. Originality

4.  Producing ability 

5. Video quality


How much will the winner receive each month?

The prize will change over time, it is currently based upon how many people enter the competition. The prize is always $100 minimum   

Will there be runner up prizes? 

Currently there will not be runner up prizes, but there will be in the future

How often will there be give aways?

Giveaways are dependent upon if any patrons donate & the size of each months competition. 

What will be given away?

Sometimes Cash, sometimes gear , sometimes apparel , It really depends what we are able to give.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot refund digital products. 

How do I receive my earnings?

You will need to create a verified PayPal account in order to receive your prize once you have won.

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